Preferred Pizza Toppings

This episode explains how venture capital investors get preferred stock, and founders get common stock. Preferential toppings provided to investors include liquidation preferences, veto rights, board rights, anti-dilution rights, co-sale and drag-along rights. David Smith talks to Mark Cameron White, founder of the White Summers law firm, about the terms Mark’s seeing in Silicon Valley and elsewhere today.

Interview with Paul Kallmes, Entrepreneurship and Angel Investment Expert at the Vault, San Francisco

Paul Kallmes discusses entrepreneurship, international expansion, managing risk, pitching investors, raising finance from venture capital investors, angel investing and even rock climbing in this interview from the Vault, an innovation ecosystem and global network of startup accelerators and collaborative workspaces with a facility in the heart of San Francisco.

Interview with Justin Kan, Co-Founder of Twitch

Justin Kan talks about how he became an entrepreneur, got into the Y-Combinator program, started live streaming his whole life, created Twitch and sold it to Amazon for $970m. Justin talks about his new startup, Atrium, a tech-driven law firm servicing startups and high growth companies from its base in San Francisco.
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